As partners in private life, we always had appreciation towards art and craft. Ennie has long been drawing, carved for a while and tried out several different medias of craft over the years. Barabas always admired her work and at the time he was looking for his future career opportunities. He started studying furniture making at Rycotewood, Oxford in 2016 getting himself into craft as well.

As he went through his studying years and tried to promote himself as a maker while Ennie tried to do the same, suddenly we both came to the conclusion to actually blend our efforts into one thing which we now call Woodcastle.

Although, this is still a much evolving business you can already see the path we take, blending our love for craft from different medias. Ennie now mainly uses pyrography as a suitable media to transfer her artwork and designs onto wood and different pieces of Barabas’ bespoke furniture. And that is our main goal, to bring original art and simplicity of furniture together in the long run.