We'd like you to meet with WoodCastle's 3 meter - 9 feet long wooden, hand engraved tape measure, called the Fox Tape. This item was made for real measuring maniacs.

A half imperial and half metric tape with a unique, handmade wooden case made out of mahogany with engraving burnt by hand inspired by nature. From the beginning till the end it was made not just by hand but with care and love towards woodworking. Perfect gift for woodworkers or anyone who does not just love wood itself but like to enjoy the use of it as well.


All of our wooden items are made using reclaimed wood.
We are passionate woodworkers but also nature activist and trying to be more aware using wood as a natural source.

If you've got interested, please visit our social media pages as well where you can find more details and working progresses.

3m - 9ft long, Wooden Tape Measure, One-off Fox Design

  • Materials

    • Mahogany


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