A half metric, half imperial original tape measure made out of oak and made just a bit rounder than our original ones.
It is made not just by hand but with care and love towards woodworking right from the start until the end. Perfect gift for woodworkers or anyone who does not just love wood itself but like to enjoy the use of it as well.


Please, note that your tape could be diverse from the ones on the pictures by cause of every each tape is slightly different as wood is a natural grown being, every each of them are differs from another even if they are the same species.

The production time for our handmade tape measures is 2 weeks plus the duration of delivery, please keep this in mind when you order.


All of our wooden items are made using reclaimed wood.
We are passionate woodworkers but also nature activists trying to be more aware using wood as a natural source.

3m - 9ft long Rounded Oak Tape Measure

  • Materials

    • Oak wood


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